More than 100 applications have been submitted for the Creative Business Investor Pitch 2017. The selection process has been tough. Nonetheless, we have found the finalists and are ready to present the top five.



Artificial intelligence powered solution that enables FMCG companies and retailers to have an instant, in-store information about the planogram, shelf-share, SKUs, pricing etc. Program is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers. It generates instantly dashboard and actionable results within seconds after taking the photo.

Sound Particles


Sound Particles is a 3D CGI-like software for audio post production, bringing the power of CGI into audio post production. Among other features, the software is able to generate thousands of sounds around you.



Fanvestory is an innovative music start-up from Estonia that allows music fans to buy a share in the future royalties of the songs, while artists and songwriters increase their promotional power and receive cash up-front.



ArtsUp is a community platform for arts experiences hosted in living rooms, backyards and unique spaces. Our web-app allows people to invite artists to perform or exhibit in their living rooms, backyards and other spaces for friends and community members. ArtsUp events are ticketed or donation-based, and can also be sponsored by brands, small business and individuals. ArtsUp was born so that artists could find new audience as well as funding, and arts lovers could experience art in new meaningful ways.



HEARTSTRINGS is an accurate, non-invasive and inexpensive tool for screening and early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. It is based on a proprietary artificial intelligence technique which uses a person’s medical data, which are available even in today’s diagnostic process; including ECG, a normal blood test and demographic data. In fact, it’s a decision support tool for doctors to eliminate the need for an angiography operations in cases where patients don’t actually need it. HEARTSTRINGS helps many patients in discovering if they suffer from a heart disease, even if they have no obvious symptoms which will lead to the saving of millions of lives!

Making it to the top

The five finalist all have two things in common – they have a strong business idea, that shows creativity and innovation and they show a high level of market potential and scalability. When they meet the CBI Pitch jury at Creative Business Cup 2017, they will be evaluated on these two criteria. However, it takes more to impress a jury of investors. The five finalists will now need to work on creating a presentation that makes their creative edge and market potential shine along with these criteria:

Competitive Advantage: Show unique value propositions which are difficult to copy and can provide a clear understanding of current and potential competitors

Team: An enthusiastic team who has relevant experience, committed with complementary skills combining creative and business skills

Timing: A clear overview of the reasons why there is real momentum/opportunity for the startup now