Remember the cool dudes at Rokoko with the motion capture suit that captivated all of Denmark (and eventually all of the world)? They placed third at Creative Business Cup Global Finals in 2013.

The company, founded by Jakob Balslev, Matias Søndergaard and Anders Klok, recently announced a strategic partnership with Unity Technologies.

Rokoko is best known for its Smartsuit Pro, an entire motion capture studio in one markerless suit, enabling creators on all levels to turn any space into a professional motion capture stage.

The platform is popular among game developers and filmmakers and the suit has made a once cost-prohibitive process affordable, accessible, and intuitive to use. The Motion Library is available to all Unity users as a native plugin through the Unity Asset Store. Later this year, Rokoko will launch The Motion Library to developers on all other platforms at

The partnership marks the availability of The Motion Library: an extensive motion asset marketplace with Hollywood-quality animation files accessible for preview and purchase via a plugin and on the Unity Asset Store. Animation is known for being time-consuming, expensive, and requiring extensive technical expertise. The Motion Library allows for instantaneous uploading of animation files to existing projects.

Rokoko is based in Copenhagen and San Francisco.
Unity Technologies has offices all over the globe.