What’s your story? It matters, here’s why.

Failure is part of your story so learn to embrace it

If you are a startup, you have a story. If you don’t, well, that’s a problem. We all have stories – no matter what our businesses may be. Your story is your path to raising capital, building brand and, well, it’s everything you stand for.  It’s your pitch – so you need to know your story – every little step and every single failure. It’s all a part of what makes you authentic. And those missteps? They matter, too. They likely matter the most. Because that’s the intersection where you learn the most.

We’ve seen some of the best ideas fail and some of the worst ideas succeed – it’s all part of the process and it’s what makes this event special.

You just never know unless you embrace the idea that impossible things can become possible.

This year, we want to help you tell your story.  For real. That’s why we have David Granger joining us.

He is the former Editor in Chief of Esquire magazine, he’s a book editor and overall storytelling master. He will answer your questions about telling your story and finding your purpose and he will, for better or worse, tell you his really strange story about ketsup, which is way more powerful than it sounds.

At CBC, we celebrate your stories. We want you to be a part of a movement and we want to help you tell your story — this will lead to your success. It will impact our world and it will impact your mission. And, maybe, just maybe, we will help you find your voice.