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How To Master The Danish Art Of Hygge

Experiencing the good things in life does not have to be costly and Danes are masters...

Something is not rotten in Denmark

Photo/Image courtesy by: There is an unmistakable air of drama when the staff of The World of...

A greener Copenhagen

The sustainable city of tomorrow

Tips for keeping your investors interested

Description: About investments and access to finance for creative startups who want to make their businesses more appealing for investors and gain a basic...

For creative teams who want to shine on stage

Description: A unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make their teams stand out and be sure that investors and others who listen to...

Life is a pitch-so you better be good at pitching!

Description: For all the startups who want learn the most important rules to follow for a great pitch, and how to avoid the big...

Podcast Audio 6

Retropod is a show for history lovers, featuring stories about the past, rediscovered. Reporter Mike Rosenwald introduces you to history’s most colorful characters -...