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Do you know where your industry is going?

As businesses increasingly feel the need for innovation to become a critical part of their structure, Creative Business Solutions (CBS) bring you global innovaton at its best. At the forefront of innovation, CBS builds on our extensive network of national partners from around the world giving you direct access to the minds and creative solutions of tomorrow.

Our Process


Based on your unique business challenges, we identify and connect you with the most relevant innovators in the field.


We match you with entrepreneurs who can help you disrupt your thinking and develop creative pioneering solutions.

Co-creation Solutions

We facilitate an onsite learning session with the participation of our carefully selected creative entrepreneurs providing true actionable ideas.


Co-branding, B2B Innovation partnerships, accelerator, talent attraction and retention, equity investment and acquisition.

CBS has access to an extensive high level network of specialists, global policy makers and influencers, advocates and change agents in the areas of growth and innovation and venture capital. At our upcoming Creative Business Cup Global Finals, we will invite all startups within the experience technology field to apply for the Invio Experience Technology Solution. Deadline for application is 7 June 2019.