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When Creatives Become Couples

Any committed, loving relationship faces inevitable day-to-day cycles of emotional ups and downs. When studied from the macro, these cycles comprise a years-long sine wave of...

We’re Becoming a Network!

We are so proud of the work we’ve done and the movement we’ve created. But mostly,...

Creating brilliance

Every year we do this event—this fantastically artsy combination of startups and creativity event in Copenhagen. It’s called the Creative...

The world’s best creative entrepreneures announced in Copenhagen

GIGI BLOKS Ltd. from Latvia came in second, and the third place went to PocketSky from Austria. Also Zikto...

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Blockchain and the cultural and creative industries

What is blockchain exactly? You are probably familiar...
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Creative Industries Policy Seminar

Creative Industries...

Hear this right now

How this hearing-impaired designer is kicking ass -- one accessory at a time