What’s your story? It matters, here’s why.

If you are a startup, you have a story. If you don’t, well, that’s a problem. We all have stories – no matter what...

Gelatex Technologies secured the spot

It surely was a wonderful day for Estonia – especially in the business world. A round...

5 steps to a successful sales pitch

How to overcome your fear of selling

10 steps to the perfect pitch deck

Stuff you need to know for success.

Denmark is a Good Place To Do Business

Welcome to our basecamp. We’re glad you’re here. Denmark has a lot to offer for creatives – not just because it’s a happy country with...

The Power of the Creative Community

On the power of creativity, collaboration and winning!

An Encouraging Movement in Afghanistan

When thinking of creative startup economies, Kabul, Afghanistan is probably not the first ecosystem that comes to mind. But that perception is about to change. The...

When Creatives Become Couples

Any committed, loving relationship faces inevitable day-to-day cycles of emotional ups and downs. When studied from the macro, these cycles comprise a years-long sine wave of...

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Blockchain and the cultural and creative industries

What is blockchain exactly? You are probably familiar...
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